Enrollment Guide – Onbely Radio

Onbely the unique musical platform of its kind

Platforms to sell your music there are and there will be many but none will
understand you and identify with you as ONBELY.

Here you will find everything you need to know to answer your questions about ONBELY, the platform
for streaming and marketing that we put at your disposal.
We are completely independent of platforms of this type in the
world, and although we pursue the same goal, our doors open
for all, empirical or professional musicians; and our goal is YOUR SUCCESS.

The premises of the site:

    1.  Listen to music from anywhere and at any time.
    2.  You can create playlists with any song on the spot and
      at any time in just seconds.
    3. Share the free songs of your favorite artist.

It allows you to always have your favorite artists at hand and at the time you want.

How does the platform work?

The first thing you should do is register:
As simple as making the registration that you have already done many times in
so many different websites, apps and platforms, put your name
full username, email address an
secure password and repeat or confirm it:

You will immediately receive a message to confirm the registration, something like this:

Later you will receive the notification of the confirmation email to your inbox:

Confirm and configure your account:

At the moment your account is confirmed from the link it takes you to the platform and shows you suggestions of artists to follow and the top list of weekly tracks:

Once the email is confirmed, you can take a walk through the entire platform and discover what is available in terms of the different musical genres available:

Familiarize yourself with the platform menu so that you can achieve all the functionalities and a correct, rewarding and very good experience.

You do not have to go to other sites or other platforms to find your favorite music where you will have to hire a virtual assistant to take advantage of them, so simplify your life with Onbely

You will find here new music, the most current.

The different genres and fashion artists, available playlists, you can also have the possibility of devising and forming your own playlists.
Featured, upload, download, buy, create and engage with your own style of music plus you can share.

In the section of your music, only you decide what the limit is, and here you can view and enjoy all the music in trend, the newest and the one that is playing, the best new releases and the latest music that is added.

To upload a song you can do it in a few simple steps:

You can upload a single song, as well as a complete album, they are the diverse options that the system offers you.

Everyone chooses their destination and preferred action when entering their music on the site.

If you click upload musical piece (song) it gives you 2 options to upload song, or a single piece or upload album, as you can see in the image.

Your Playlists will be unique and will always reflect your style.

So join the true revolution of art and song, where you as an artist will be able to obtain royalties for your sales in proportion higher than that of any artist worldwide on platforms of this style.

In Onbely you can fulfill your dreams of being an artist or of becoming one, and save your downloads, your songs, your albums and manage your settings and preferences through a dashboard, as well as view the platform in Light and Dark mode

How can they win on our platform and how to collect your money?

If you decide as an artist to upload your music to the platform and place a price on it, Onebely pays 70% of the money generated by your sales, and by accumulating $50 you can withdraw your earnings.
The artist sells the music directly.

It is autonomous in this sense and the platform collaborates with dissemination, exposure and promotion.

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